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Businesses will continue to make use of traditional marketing methods, such as advertising, direct mail and PR but e-marketing adds a whole new element to the marketing mix. Its flexibility and cost effectiveness gives businesses of any size access to a mass market and unlike conventional methods, it allows truly personalised marketing.



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Social Media & Business Networking

Developing strategic relationships via networking events has until now been the traditional means of making new business contacts. By using online social media and business networking you can build a community around your brand in an easy, cost effective way. We can also help you track the conversations that people are having about you so you can stay one step ahead.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine visibility is the key to long term online success. Ensuring your site can be found easily can help bring users directly to it. Using the many techniques available we can help you appear high in the search engine rankings so your website can attract more visitors who can then be turned into customers.

Email campaigns

Promoting your products or services by email can be a powerful and flexible form of direct marketing. Through email, you can communicate your messages more quickly and cost-effectively than using paper-based marketing. We can help you build relationships and acquire new customers through relevant, well targeted emails that interest recipients.

Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) advertising lets you target potential customers actively searching the internet for the products or services you offer. PPC advertising can be set up very quickly, offers great flexibility in targeting and scope, and provides a great deal of information to measure campaign performance. To be successful, PPC advertising requires strategic thinking, cutting-edge analysis and careful, ongoing management.


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If you want your business to succeed in the digital space then you need a plan. We can help you roadmap the path you need to take so you can make the most of the opportunities available. Our services include digital strategy, online marketing, information architecture as well as project planning and integration strategy.

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We have refreshing and engaging ideas that can help your brand stand out. By creating digital media to assist you with your marketing campaigns, website design and traditional print materials, we can help maximise your exposure.

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Our development team are highly skilled and possess all the necessary problem solving and technical ability to tackle the most demanding of tasks. When dealing with technical projects, we adopt a software engineering approach.

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